Jun 12, 2016

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Meeting Notes – 06/04/2016

USS Harry Mudd Meeting: 06/04/2016 Attendance: Bruce, DJ, Vinny, Michelle, Sandy Delegation: Bruce needs to delegate some of his tasks, especially a Communications Officer. He also needs someone who can take care of getting the Chamber Key every month. DJ offered to take on this responsibility. She will also be sure to tell Nicole before she picks up the key for game nights. Starfleet Memberships are getting thin and need to be renewed by various members of the club. Club dues are also due. Vinny paid his club and Starfleet dues at today's meeting. Kris and Morgan have also paid the club's dues. Independence Day Insurgence comes out on June 24th - we are planning on going to see it as a group on June 25th. Star Trek Beyond comes out on July 22. We need to contact the theater, WEAR, and The Press Gazette for the Star Trek setup and Star Trek vs. Star Wars contest for charity. Bruce will get in touch with Jeremy. We need to work on the new chair a little bit as well. Suicide Squad also comes out in August. Warcraft (June 10th). Max Steele (August 26th). MobiCon: Bruce went to MobiCon this past weekend. It's still small. Talked to Steve Wise and Mike Ensley from Pensacon - registration for fan groups will be coming up pretty soon. He showed them pictures of our displays and talked about setting up where the 501st set up last year. They promised to look into it. Paracon: August 20th & 21st. Bruce talked to Erica and we will get two places (10 X 10 spots) side by side. Between us and the Continuum, we're going to set up the original bridge and have our tables on either side of them. $10 in advance, $15 at the door. Morris from the Continuum is still working on the science station, but we probably won't have space for it anyway. Workshop: We had a workshop a while back with Jay from the Continuum and worked on the original bridge. Replaced/repaired the buttons and such. Still have a few more things to do. Camping Trip is on September 16th.

Money for the food ($25) will be due on September 2nd (the first meeting in September). Let Bruce know if you have food allergies. You must bring your own drinks and snacks. The Continuum and Jubilee have asked about the joining us for the trip as well. It will be at Hurricane Lake. Two tents per site. $10/day. Need headcount. DJ will be the contact for people to get in touch with. If coming as a group, we need to know how many tents per site and you will need to get us the money ahead of time. There is no refund on the tent site money unless canceled by September 16th. Money needs to be in by September 2nd. Water guns are welcome. Hehehe. Must have a fishing license to fish but you can if you want. Bruce will cook any fish you catch.

Kid's House Room: We need to finish painting the wall. DJ will try to get in touch with Nico to finish it. Otherwise, Bruce will. Sandy has three cans of black paint for it. After the wall is finished, we need to paint the rest of the wall and get everything else done. DJ will call a meeting and we'll set up a workday. Bruce - headboards. Morgan - bed sheets. We also have eight 19" TVs that we can put in, but we still need the brackets for them. Communique: Vinny needs to write an article for the CQ - "The is what The Harry Mudd is doing." Geekinomicon: We are not bringing stuff for Geekinomicon, but we do hope on going over for a day or so to enjoy the Con. IC is coming up in Louisville, KY on August 12th & 13th. We will donate a set of mugs for the auction. DJ is going. IC 2017 will be in New Orleans and we plan on going to that as well. Finances: DJ needs $200 for payment on her credit card. $621.13 is currently in our account. Game Night: Friday, June 17th. Next Meeting: Saturday, July 2th. We may do something as a group for July 4th. Grill out or something. BOB and BOMeat as well as something to pass around (side dish/chips). Bruce will cook what anyone brings.
  1. So if DJ is picking up the key I do not have too? Do NOT want a misunderstanding on this.

    What time is the movie Saturday? Looking forward to seeing this one.

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