Jul 10, 2016

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Meeting Notes – 07/02/2016

USS Harry Mudd Meeting: 07/02/2016

Attendance: Bruce, DJ, Vinny, Michelle, Sandy   Kid's House: DJ will meet up with Nico tomorrow (July 3rd) @ 1pm to finish painting the planet wall. The Kid's House is wanting to open sometime in August. Vinny will call the Press Gazette once the headboards are in. Bruce will build the headboards but needs the measurements first - DJ will get in touch with Liz to get this information (bedframe and window measurements, take pictures). We also need to schedule a day to finish the rest of the room (gray paint) - Bruce and Vinny can work on it while Nico is finishing her part on the 3rd. We also need to repaint the trim - white paint - need painters tape.
  • Anyone who has pledged materials for the Kid's House (i.e., Morgan is donating the sheets), please get them to DJ or Sandy as soon as you can.
  • We already have the bookshelves. We still need two small dressers (preferably two that look the same). We need curtains for one small window. We're also going to put glow-in- the-dark stars on the ceiling. We can think about putting models in the room at a later date. Michelle will talk to Ricky Wallace about potentially printing something for us.

July 4th Party: We will plan an indoor party. Instead of hamburgers and hotdogs, we will do something else. Bruce has lots of fish, we can do something with that. You can also bring your own food and Bruce will cook it. Vinny is bringing ribs. Bring something to share and your own drinks. Start around 4pm at Bruce and Sandy's house. We'll probably play games and watch things on the TV.   Work Days: We still need to finish the captain chairs for the Star Trek Beyond premiere. If anyone wants to come early on the 4th, we could work on the chair (be there at 9am). DJ will pick up white spray paint (4 cans, gloss). Every Saturday between now and the opening of the Kid's House will be work days. The 4th and the next two weekends will be focused on getting the chair ready for the Star Trek premiere, as well as the stuff for the table. July 9th & 16th - 9am - Meet at Bruce's house.

Movies on the Blackwater: July 15th - Ghostbusters. July 22 - Empire Strikes Back. We are planning on meeting for the show on the 15th. Meet at 7:00pm in the field, movie starts at 7:30pm.   Star Trek Beyond: We still need to get in touch with Jeremy from The Ridge - Vinny will get in touch with him. If they are showing an early viewing, we are going to go. We are doing the Star Wars vs. Star Trek contest - Vinny will contact Channel 3 and The Press Gazette. DJ and Sandy will work on printing up more flyers, as well as updating them. We'll work on a schedule for the theater on Monday, the 4th. Bruce and Sandy will demonstrate how to communicate and greet people. If you want to wear your club shirts or your uniforms, we encourage that. We will look into the possibility of a certain material for shirts/uniforms and Sandy will make them if we decide to do that.   Contact List: Sandy will work on an updated contact list.   Chamber Dues: Our chamber dues were due in June. Sandy will get the bill to DJ and DJ will pay it.   Paracon: August 20th & 21st. Bruce talked with Monica. We're setting up the entire bridge set. Two tables. USS Continuum will be with us. We need to set up work weekends to do the shot, pint, and wine glasses - work day can be the morning of our August meeting (August 6th @ 10am). We also have plenty of tribbles that we can sell.   QuestCon: In Mobile. October 20-22, 2017.   Camping Trip is on September 16th:
  • Money for the food ($25) will be due on September 2nd (the first meeting in September). Let Bruce know if you have food allergies. You must bring your own drinks and snacks.
  • The Continuum and Jubilee have asked about the joining us for the trip as well.
  • It will be at Hurricane Lake.
  • Two tents per site. $10/day.
  • Need headcount.
  • DJ will be the contact for people to get in touch with.
  • If coming as a group, we need to know how many tents per site and you will need to get us the money ahead of time. There is no refund on the tent site money unless canceled by September 16th. Money needs to be in by September 2nd.
  • Water guns are welcome. Hehehe.
  • Must have a fishing license to fish but you can if you want. Bruce will cook any fish you catch.
  IC: August 12th & 13th. DJ is taking two sets of mugs.   USS Harry Mudd Facebook: Bruce and Vinny need to learn how to set up events from the Facebook page.   Starfleet Dues: We all need to make sure we're current on our Starfleet membership dues.

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